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Shared Work

Dear Sharedwork users

We anticipate that the new site will be launched between August 19 - 23, 2011.

The SharedWork site has been reconfigured to be a more user-friendly.  Based on your feedback we added more functions (e.g. WIKI, blogs, video capability) and improved the existing one (e.g., easier way to post documents, navigate the website, link pages, etc.).

We hope that the new site will simplify your efforts to build a community of practice. We think that you will love this new technology, but no technology can substitute for the relationships and shared learning  that is the essence of your community.  We need your help to make the technical changes and we need your active involvement build the habit of sharing and learning  that this technology is meant to support.

Please review the important dates and information:


July 25 - August 15 - site migration

August 15 – 19 – site transition

August 19 - 23– site launching


The current sharedwork site will be available during the migration period for you to communicate with your community members, however any new posted information posted after July 25, 2011 will be not migrated to the new site. If you need to post any documents during this time please save a copy on your desktop and move to the new site after the launch. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

  1. The new sharedwork site will be available late August 2011 at . You will be able to access the new sharedwork site with your current username and password.
  2. Training on the new SharedWork site will be available for state teams, practice groups, and other groups starting in September 2011 and ongoing.  We will develop instructional videos to help you get familiar with the new functions. All SharedWork moderators will be contacted regarding the training needs. Please contact Mariola Rosser at  with any questions or to discuss training options.

 What is Shared Work?

Shared Work is both a communication tool and a collaborative work space.  It brings organizations, agencies, groups, and individuals together to communicate what is important to them, to learn together, to do work together, and to collaborate in addressing complex educational problems. Working in community enables these groups to seek out new approaches to persistent issues and to gain support from each other in implementing these approaches. 

IMPORTANT: Please remember to Log In so you can fully participate in the communities of practice described below.

What communities can be found on Shared Work?

National Communities of Practice on Issues -- Issue-based communities are focused on particular topics of general concern.  In these communities, the important topic brings a variety of stakeholders together to learn from and with each other in order to move this shared learning into action.

     Autism Spectrum Disorder

     School Behavioral Health

     Creating Agreement 

     NCLB-IDEA Collaboration


     Universal Design for Learning

Communities in Organizations – In these communities, organizations help their members to coalesce around issues and interact with their colleagues who hold similar roles. Many of these same individuals also belong to issue-based communities where they interact with others in varying roles who share a similar issue focus.

     American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

     Fiesta Educativa

     National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP)

     Practitioner Leaders: AFT and NEA

     School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA)

Special Sites - These sites permit stakeholders to come together around specific emerging issues that may be time limited or ongoing. Some of these sites may grow into communities of practice.  Other special sites may be dissolved when their specific needs are met. 

Coalition for Parents with Intellectual & Cognitive Challenges (NACPIC)

Connecticut Task Force: Guidelines on Emotional Disturbance

Ohio Credit Flex

New York Family, School and Community Collaboration

Virginia Early Intervention and Early Childhood

Special Events – Sometimes particularly significant occurrences call for individuals to come together to work as a community to plan, design, organize and implement an event. SharedWork provides a community space for individuals and groups to come together to meet their specific needs.

State-based Initiatives - This section is for individual states that want to invite others to get involved in their state-based initiatives by forming state-based communities of practice that encourage stakeholder engagement as a part of their work.   Colorado Early Childhood Community of Practice