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July 03, 2009

Participants who attended the training session, Creating Agreement: Collaborative Problem Solving in Early Intervention and Special Education session on April 19th at the 10th Annual SSWAA Conference in Orlando, FL were asked to respond to two questions. The responses from the participants would allow the Creating Agreement Workgroup to better understand how to proceed with coaching participants on how to use the presentation with the notes and the other resources with their constituents.

1. Now that you participated in this skill-building training session, is there any additional information that you need to help with training people in your constituency?

- I would like to know more about some interactive exercises that can be used for training.

2. What plans do you have to use the information that you learned from the session?

- Present power point to building principals and assistant principals who oversee the special education process in each building. This is a large school district with 13, 000 students in 20 schools.

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