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January 20, 2011

We hope you have enjoyed receiving information through this community! We recently returned from an IDEA Partnership meeting in DC where we heard froma handful of people that are downloading information from this site and using it to extend and information their work.

We would love to hear from you too! Let us know what you have enjoyed reading about, how you have used it, and what other type of information you would like to see posted here. We will leave this discussion open for the remainder of January.

Posted by Jill Hudson | 1 comment(s)

September 09, 2010

Hello, my name is Mari Ann Hooper.  I am a parent of a child with ASD and I also created a support group for ASD in Guernsey County, Ohio.  Another mother and I are looking for new ways to educate our professionals in all areas within our region.  Anyone have some ideas for us to go out of the box with them.  We are looking to help bus drivers, student aides, cafeteria help in schools, Job and Family Services, Health Department, and Doctors.

Posted by Mari Ann Hooper | 1 comment(s)