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Learning the Language/Promoting Effective Ways for Interdisciplinary Collaboration


 Learning the Language: Promoting Effective Ways for Interdisciplinary Collaboration. This practice group promotes understanding in the language used across interactive systems across mental health and education.  This practice group is currently facilitating the development of a glossary to more effectively deliver services in ways that are accessible and easily understandable to all systems of care stakeholders.  Our key priorities are: 1) To demystify the vocabulary used; 2) To add increased value to state and local educational/family/youth services agencies currently implementing expanded, school mental health services/programs; 3) To promote a better understanding of how we communicate across systems/stakeholders; and 4) To build stronger relationships across systems of care for families, students, and professionals involved in expanded, school mental health. 5) To update, build and interpret growing glossary, and facilitate related discussion and article repository

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