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Families in Partnership with Schools and Communities


Welcome to the Family-School-Community Partnerships practice group!

TELL A FRIEND! We have an open door for participants in our Family School Community Partnerships group. Please talk amongst your colleagues, no matter what the discipline, this practice group crosses many areas and is an essential piece of school mental health. It's easy to sign-up and become an active member of the group!

OUR MISSION is to provide information for families and to ensure their participation as full partners who advocate and build leadership

OUR DISCUSSION SECTION is used for some of our work together. We have worked on our mission, priorities, name and other work using this forum. This is a place to build our relationships by working together in a very transparent and open way. Currently we are working on crafting a family driven model of family engagement using qualitative analysis of a survey that we conducted on family engagement.

THE REPOSITORY includes the key initial activities of this workgroup, notes from our conference calls, meeting notes, our current work on defining family engagement as well as salient documents from across the field on family driven/family involvement, family support, family engagement organized into folders.

Happy reading!

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Posted on Saturday 9th October 2010, 6:22pm by Claudette Fette
The practice group had a great breakfast meeting with lots of old and new faces. We spent a lot of the time getting to know each other and talked about continuing the work of identifying priorities beyond the conference. At lunch we met jointly with the Education, An Essential Component of Systems of Care practice group and discussed "family-driven", the new definition of systems of care and potential joint work for the future.

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