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Welcome to the Missouri online Community of Practice website.  We are honored to participate in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Partnership’s effort to support mental health and education.  We recognize this valuable opportunity to create a collaborative partnership to increase positive outcomes for Missouri children through participation in this community with mental health and education, professionals, community members, and parents.  In this time of state budget shortfalls and continued educational accountability, Missouri remains focused on meeting students’ education and mental health needs.  This focus has brought about the integration of Missouri mental health and educational state agencies (Missouri Department of Mental Health [DMH]) and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education [DESE]), as well as other mental health providers via three-tiered models of intervention. National research supports the positive impact of these models (Response to Intervention [RtI], School-wide Positive Behavior Support, [SW-PBS], and Professional Learning Communities [PLC]) on school improvement and school achievement The overarching purpose of integrating these groups is to increase positive student outcomes.  Cross-cutting essential features of these models have allowed the integration of programs as well as practices and policies at and across agencies and stakeholder groups.  By using as a conduit to facilitate integration of education and mental health in and across states, we wish to connect communities in school mental health and education at the all levels of communication.  Research shows that collaboration among key stakeholders within and across these agencies can significantly increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for young people in schools and communities. To support states in overcoming complex barriers to achieve positive gains in school mental health, the IDEA Partnership established the National Community of Practice of School Behavioral Health and identified a handful of states, including Missouri, to receive targeted assistance in their effort. This Community of Practice is committed to optimizing the use of to align efforts and initiatives across the state with the goal of increasing positive outcomes for Missouri youth. We invite you to become active members of our community as we continue the momentum! 

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