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In existence since 2001, the Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success (OMHNSS) consists of action networks spearheaded by affiliate organizations in six regions of Ohio. Currently, the Network is funded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH).

In 2007, the university based Effective Practice Partners (EPPs) of the Effective Practice Integration Council (EPIC) met with OMHNSS leadership and affiliate organizations to develop an integrated strategic plan. Through this process, the EPPs, Network leadership, and affiliate representatives chose to merge and create an enhanced OMHNSS. OMHNSS is striving to help Ohio's schools, community-based agencies, and families work together to achieve improved educational and developmental outcomes for all children, especially those at emotional or behavioral risk and those with mental health problems. Beginning in 2007-2008 the following new structural organization for the OMHNSS has been adopted. 


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* Keeping Kids SAFE: What You Need to Know About Bullying
Posted on Tuesday 3rd May 2011, 12:47pm by Amy Wilms
A two-day conference sponsored by the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs, Miami University

Topics include

Cyberbullying, Threat Assessment for Suicidal Indicators, CyberSafety, Bullying Legislation & Police Response, Evolutionary Developmental Approach to Bullying, Ostracism, Girl on Girl Aggression, How Children Learn Violence Through Modeling, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Resources and Tools for Schools, Youth-led Leadership Prevention Groups

Continuing Education Approvals

This program is approved for 12 clock hours through the Counselor, Social Worker, & Marriage and Family Therpist Board. Approval Number: MCST061110. Approval is granted for Counselor CPE, Social Worker CPE, and Marriage & Family Therapist CPE.

Miami University has approved this program for 1.2 CEUs

Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Approved
RCH's Awarded 12.0 hrs; PID#11-263-R

* National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day May 3rd
Posted on Tuesday 3rd May 2011, 12:45pm by Amy Wilms
Columbus, OH

Sponsored by the Ohio Federation for Children's Mental Health

Calls To Action for Awareness Day 2011 National Event

* Integrate mental health and model resilience skills in every environment that has an impact on child development from birth.
* Enhance resilience and nurture social and emotional skills in young children from birth.
* Provide information to the public and teach them to recognize the signs of traumatic stress.
* Raise awareness that treatment for trauma is critical to achieving the milestones of a child's social and emotional development from birth.
* Promote trauma-informed services and supports in all child-serving settings.

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