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North Dakota


The MISSION of the ND TRANSITION COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE Advisory Council is to work towards building, supporting, and sustaining community partnerships and systems that promote and improve the scope, opportunity and quality for youth with disabilitites to adequately prepare for life and career beyond high school with the individualized supports identified and in place for graduation/exit.

The MEMBERSHIP of the ND Community on Transition consists of representation from the Dept. of Public Instruction, Higher Education, Vocational Education,Special Education, North Dakota Education Association, Tribal College, Children's Special Health Services, Dept. of Career & Technical Education, Protection & Advocacy, Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Coordinated School Health, Developmental Disabilities, Youth Correctional Center, Job Services, Parents, Students and Young Adults, Independent Living Services, ND Deaf-Blind Services Project.

COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE at the Regional and Local Level: The State Transition Community of Practice Advisory Council identifies the development of REGIONAL INTERAGENCY TRANSITION COMMITTEES as a strategy to improve communication, knowledge and expertise among stakeholders in the transition process for youth with disabilities. An interagency transition team brings together a variety of stakeholders who are supporting youth with disabilitites so they can have the best chance for success as adults. Each regional committee has at least one representative on the State Transition Community of Practice Advisory Council. This results in statewide knowledge and communication of practices that are working, unmet needs, etc. throughout North Dakota. The 8 regional committee divisions are based on the 8 Human Service Center regions throughout the state. AS OF JANUARY 18, 2007, NORTH DAKOTA HAS A REGIONAL TRANSITION COMMITTEE UP AND RUNNING IN ALL 8 REGIONS OF THE STATE!!! Two State Transition Council members are presently serving as Facilitators upon request for regions in the organizational/ developmental stages of an Interagency Transition Committee.
REGIONAL GOALS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Transition Fairs, Changing policies, Training: (schools, conferences, parents, students, tv, & radio), Development of timeline for services, Development of transition folders for families, Off Campus school settings, Sharing information, Partnerships with: DPI, VR, DD, Higher Ed, Independent Living centers, Chamber of Commerce, etc., Developiong services for students with disabilities ages 18-21, Develop programs to balance functional and academic needs. Credited work expereince, Identify agency responsibilites, Consistency of services throughout the region, etc.

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