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National Community of Practice Agency representatives from the Technical College System, employment (workforce development, vocational rehabilitation), education, youth corrections and parent groups participate in national discussions with other states on topics related to transition through previous transition summit meetings and a national community of practice. We joined the National Community of practice in February of 2006 through the support from the IDEA partnership and OSEP. It is our vision that through the development of practice groups we will improve the results for students with disabilities as they transition to their post high school goals.

State Level Community of Practice The Wisconsin Community on Transition is continuing to meet regularly to continue to improve collaboration and communication among agency representatives. See repository for draft "Shared Transition Plan of Action" document.

Local Communities of Practice have been developed as part of Transition Advisory Councils (TACS) to improve interagency collaboration for students with disabilities which along with local district teams and regional networks are part of our Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative (WSTI) has created a clearing house of transition information which includes 70/72 counties. Each county will develop a mission statement and establish goals to achieve their mission. In addition each county will develop a web-based clearinghouse for parents, students and teachers. To learn more about the county council structure visit the Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative website at
Wisconsin has members who participate in the communities of practice at the national, state and local levels. Please see repository for membership list. 

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