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Post-Secondary Education & Training


The purpose of the Postsecondary Education, Training Outcome Practice Group is to improve the preparedness of youth and young adults with disabilities transitioning into educational settings after high school; to increase youth with disabilities pursuing higher education; and to develop cooperative supports for youth with disabilities prior to, during and after postsecondary education. The result of these efforts will promote successful postsecondary outcomes for youth with disabilities including better prospects for gainful employment. Enhancing academic performance is important to the successful achievement of this outcome area. If you have information you would like to have posted as an announcement or a document/product you would like to share with others in our practice group, please forward to: Bill Welsh, Pennsylvania State University, Office for Disability Services,, Group Leader Don't forget to add yourself to the e-mail list. If you do post a discussion, be sure to send out an e-mail to all to let them know that a new thread or piece of information has been added to the site. -

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