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Healthy Lifestyles & Community Participation


Karen Reed, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Family Health, is the moderators for this practice group. If you have information you would like to share with other members of this practice group and have posted as an announcement or a document/product to this practice group site, please forward the information/request to: Karen Reed, The purpose of the Healthy Lifestyles Outcome Practice Group is to identify ways to prepare youth with disabilities to make a successful transition to adult living by embracing healthy life styles and advocating for their health care, independent living and community participation needs. Health impacts all aspects of life and therefore a healthy lifestyle is an important outcome of transitioning youth. Success in the classroom, within the community, and on the job requires that young people stay healthy and embrace healthy lifestyles. Elements of a healthy lifestyle include: health care and service coordination, health insurance coverage, working with medical professionals, supporting youth with complex healthcare needs in the community, transition planning around healthcare management, mental health, social interaction, leisure-time physical activities, weight control, nutrition, and drug and alcohol consumption. The Healthy Lifestyles Practice Group was launched at the 2005 PA Community on Transition Conference during the Outcome and Issue Forum. During this forum, national and state outcome data related to health and healthy lifestyles was shared, and a list of priorities and potential action plans were identified. Documents related to this event are located in this groups archives section (see Kickoff and State of the State documents). During the month of November 2005, Regional Outcome and Issue Forums were held across the state of Pennsylvania to expand the work of the Practice Group (see the Regional Forum Information document located in the Repository section for details). This new website blog will be used as the primary vehicle of communication to share successful practices and products, projects and activities, and learn from one another. Please feel free to browse the content of the blog and join in the discussions. -

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