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Career and Transition Assessment


The purpose of this group is to deepen our understanding of the assessment process and promote and share effective ongoing assessment practices and lead to enhanced post school outcomes of transitioning youth. Assessment is defined as a process of gathering data to plan, evaluate, or make decisions. Data can be derived from a number of sources over a period of time. For additional information, please contact Stacie Dojonovic, Group Leader of the Career Assessment Practice Group, from Pittsburgh Public Schools, at, or Ashley McFall, PIttsburgh Public Schools, at   Guiding Principles of Career Assessment: *Vocational evaluation should use a variety of methods, tools and approaches to provide accurate vocational evaluation and assessments. *Vocational evaluation and assessment information should be verified using different methods, tools and approaches. Using alternative methods or approaches to validate findings can usually be achieved by *Behavioral observation is essential in any vocational assessment process. Behavioral observation occurs throughout the assessment process. *Vocational evaluation and assessment may be an on-going and developmental process in career development. *Vocational evaluation and assessment should be an integral part of larger service delivery systems. Vocational evaluation and assessment requires the collection of input from a variety of individuals and requires an understanding of how to use the results of the assessment process. Vocational evaluation and assessment should be current, valid and relevant. Source: Position Paper of the Interdisciplinary Council on Vocational Evaluation and Assessment by Smith F., Lombard R., Neubert D., Leconte P., Rothernbacher C., & Sitlington, P. For additional information, please visit -

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