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State-Wide Conference Planning


Interested in Sharing Your Strategies and Tools to Plan Statewide Conferences and Meetings?

Many states in the national community of practice on transition plan interagency statewide conferences and meetings. After a recent visit to the Pennsylvania Community on Transition Conference, Mr. John Hager, Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) indicated there may be future federal investments in expanding states' abilities to hold such conference and meetings.

This group page will be used to share strategies, resources and tools so that we can learn from another to create year-round transition strategies, including a statewide conference, to improve post school outcomes of youth with disabilities across the county. We can deepen our work in using the youth leadership model to meaningful engage youth in all of our work.

In the announcements, please post any upcoming events in your state. In the repository, we can build a toolkit. In the discussion, we have dialogue to help one another. We can stay connected through the use of the group page's email feature.

Please join our work!

Joan Kester ( & Michael Stoehr (, Group Leaders

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