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National Community of Practice on NCLB-IDEA Collaboration


Generally, this site has been inactive since the RTI Center was funded, shortly before the RTI Summit in December, 2007. The IDEA Partnership staff designed the Summit and facilitated the invitation of a range of stakeholders to participate on each team. We also worked closely with each presenter to make sure all the Summit pieces (i.e. reasearch, practice, team time, and broad interaction among participants) fit together into a cohesive plan that could be supported by the RTI Center and other federally-funded technical assistance (TA) centers as we all work in collaboration with the state and regional TA liaisons. As a result of these changes, the IDEA Partnership is now focusing on deep engagment of stakeholders in states that are interested in working with the affiliates of national organizations in their state. We are also involved in national efforts with our organizational partners - and regional collaboarion efforts with Comprehensive, Equity and Regional Resource Center technical assistance providers - to align general and special education systems. Recently, the IDEA Partnership was refunded for another 3 years. We are currently working with a core group of partner Activity Leaders to identify states that want to work with policymakers, administrators, practitioners and families in deeper and more meaningful ways. The national organizations are helping us reach out to their networks in selected states and we will relaunch our state-to-state learning opportunities in a few months. We welcome your participation and encourage you to act within your own practice to change the system in positive ways! Since 1999, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the IDEA Partnership at the National Association of State Directors of Special Education have sponsored state-to-state learning opportunities with federal agencies, national organizations and technical assistance providers on collaboration across Title I and Special Education.

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