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Career Assessment


Welcome to the Career Assessment Practice Group!

Wisconsin began to implement a Community of Practice (CoP) on Transition. As part of this CoP, leaders in Wisconsin want to initiate a Career Assessment Practice Group that will bring together professionals and any other interested parties who want to develop, improve, or continue to provide high quality career assessment services.

A Career Assessment Practice Group exists in Pennsylvania (see elsewhere on the sharedwork site) and we are hoping that participants of the two Career Assessment Practice Groups can collaborate to expand sharing, learning, and building the very best career assessment services for youth.

Based on the keynote presentation on Communities of Practice and Career Assessment, consider these questions and give us your first impressions so we may go forward together. To do this please scroll down to the Discussions Section and respond:

A. What interests you in working with the Career Assessment Practice Group?

- Having easy access to other professionals
- Consulting and sharing with others about career assessment
- Sharing what is working for you
- Learning what is working for others
- Building a communication system that will grow and sustain
- Learning about new resources that will support our work with students
- Enhancing my knowledge about career assessment
- Being able to ask questions of other professionals to do what I do
- Being able to share career assessment information with other professionals and families
- Other

B. What questions or concerns do you have regarding Career Assessment?

C. In which of the following activities whould you like to participate?

- Joining Career Assessment Practice Group
- Using the Career Assessement webpage on sharedwork
- Contributing to the Career Assessment webpage
- Helping to develop the Career Assessment Practice Group
- Sharing your effective practices
- Other

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