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Local Transition Coordinating Councils


To deepen our state’s commitment to improving post-school outcomes of youth with disabilities, in the spring of 2006 the leadership of agencies party to the 1999 Individuals with Disabilities Memorandum of Understanding (IDEA MOU) developed and signed a Transition Memorandum of Understanding (see attached). This MOU is the foundation of A Shared Agenda on Transition, the roadmap to our future. Pennsylvania’s transition community has had a rich history of dedication to assisting youth’s successful transition from school to adult life. The state recognizes the instrumental role Local Transition Coordinating Councils (LTCCs) have played over the past 15+ years. There are over 70 Local Transition Coordinating Councils (LTCCs) operating across Pennsylvania. With cross-stakeholder representation, many meet several times throughout the year to share information and resources. Some Councils hold interagency staffings to identify potential supports and services that may be available for transitioning youth. Others focus on the development and delivery of projects, products and activities. These LTCCs hold a wealth of knowledge regarding effective practices to improve post-school outcomes of youth with disabilities within the Commonwealth. In order to expand our collective knowledge and power to improve post-school outcomes through the Shared Agenda on Transition, the Transition State Leadership Team is interested in partnering with LTCCs to form a Local Transition Coordinating Council Alliance to combine our community’s wealth of knowledge, experience and passion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michael Stoehr at If you’d like to join the LTCC Alliance, please complete the application posted in the repository and submit electronically to We sincerely hope you join our efforts. PA Transition State Leadership Team -

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