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Communities in Organizations


Our work allows groups to come together around the issues they care about and create initiatives that will actively engage their members. We use two approaches to pursue real and lasting change: • A focus on bringing stakeholders into the work of states as allies • A focus on broadly sharing the lessons learned with organizations You were referred to this site by your organization because you have a particular expertise that is valued by other members of your group. Although policies are often developed in response to what we know to be good practice, implementation often requires behavior or procedural changes that cannot be anticipated. The IDEA Partnership role is focused on encouraging people with the "know how" to guide and support others as they move from from "knowing" to "doing". We welcome your input on how to tailor these messages to your peers. We look forward to learning from you as you exchange insights and ideas on how we can apply policy and research in ways that improve student learning .... and ultimately system results. And, we appreciate the contributions of leaders who are pioneering this work together! The IDEA Partnership facilitates interaction among 55 national organizations with shared concern or interest around an issue. You can find a list of partners at The Partnership is the U.S. Department of Education's investment in the value of stakeholder expertise. We believe that those who are closest to the work can be valuable partners in finding new approaches to implementation challenges. While most of our work brings stakeholders with various perspectives together to understand complex issues in new ways, it is sometimes important to explore issues in more depth with people who share the same role. This site is a place for members of national organizations to work with those in similar roles to better understand education issues.