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Region VII Transition Committee


Region VII Interagency Task Force on Transition


  • To develop, maintain, and utilize cooperation among all agencies and individuals.
  • To effectively transfer client information and responsibilities from school to post school.
  • To implement guidelines and procedures which enable individuals with disabilities to successfully transition into an integrated community setting including skills in daily living, personal, social, and occupational guidance.
Bismarck Public Schools, Mandan Public Schools, Vocational Rehabilitation, Supported Employment, Developmental Disabilities, Vocational Education, Adult Service Provider Agencies, Employers in private and public sectors, Family Members, Oliver-Mercer Special Education, Dakota Center for Independent Living.

Mission Statement To develop and implement procedures and processes which enable individuals with disabilities to make guided transitions into integrated adult community life. This will be accomplished through cooperative and collaborative efforts of public schools, state agencies, service providers, employers, and family members.   


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