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Supervisors of Programs Serving Students with Visual Impairments


Welcome to the website for Supervisors of Programs Serving Students with Visual Impairments in Pennsylvania!
Supervisors of programs serving low incidence populations are often faced with very specific concerns and questions regarding program staff requirements, competencies, caseloads and a myriad of other issues. In many cases, they are working in isolation. Finding solutions and guidance may be very time consuming. Being able to quickly access current information and resources and to communicate with coworkers in similar positions should assist supervisors to more effectively serve their staff, students and families.

The purpose of this secure site is to provide:
  • access to current information and resources pertaining to supervisory issues.

  • current information on national and state standards, program and staff guidelines and teacher competencies.

  • a vehicle for discussion of supervisory issues with other supervisors from across the state in a closed forum (only supervisors will have access to this site).

  • an avenue for posting job vacancies.

View the “Programs Serving Students with Visual Impairments” section of this website for information that may also be useful to you and your program.

If you would like to post information or a topic of discussion to the website, we encourage you to do so. Any information posted will be reviewed by PaTTAN staff prior to being available on the site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debby Holzapfel ( or Mark Steciw (