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Connecticut Task Force - Guidelines on Emotional Disturbance


The task force will assist in gathering and sharing input from stakeholder groups, review current research, suggest areas for inclusion in the guidelines, and draft proposed content. Please go to the Repository Section below to view the 1997 Guidelines. You will find four different folders: -Assessment and Eligibility -Cultural Diversity and Disproportionality -Legislative and Regulatory -Program In each Repository folder, you will find a copy of the 1997 Guidelines. The topics appear in alphabetical order. Please think about any changes that need to be made to the document according to the topic highlighted in each discussion thread (i.e., assessment/eligibility, cultural diversity/disproportionality, legislative/regulatory and program). We will compile all the changes in one document, which will be reviewed by the group at a later date. We appreciate the valuable contributions you are making as we revise the Guidelines to improve the identification and education of students with emotional disturbance. Thank you! 2/18/2009 Please visit "Tools" folder under Repository for new articles and information. This task force has been established to assist in the revision of the Guidelines for Identifying and Educating Students with Serious Emotional Disturbance.