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NYS Family, School and Community Collaboration


NYS Community of Practice on Family, Community and School Collaboration The New York State Community of Practice on Family and School Collaboration is supported through the IDEA Partnership, NASDSE.  We are group of committed constituents which include stakeholders representing schools, families, government and community agencies.  Enclosed are materials summarizing some of the work the group has been focusing on.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or to join in on any of our scheduled conference calls.  We welcome participation from anyone who has interest in the success of students.  We are proud of the work we have accomplished and have a progressive work plan for the future. 

Basic Principles:

 Our goal is to “promote ongoing effective communication, linkage, and support for parents and local school districts through both direct and collaborative activities of our learning community and its partners”.  Through our collective actions, we hope to make measurable positive impact on the NYSED State Performance Plan goals. 

Ø  We welcome everyone’s input, and all opinions are valuable. 

Ø  We ask that everyone respect the opinion of others and although we may at times have to agree to disagree we must all work as a team continuing to learn from one another to assure that our goals can be successfully achieved. 

Ø  We hope to keep all conversations within our community positive and forward moving.  As we grow and continue to expand we ask that each person try to reply to the conference call reminder letting Helene Fallon or Max Donatelli know that you will be participating. 

Ø  In addition, although we have a lot of issues to discuss we will try to stay within our agenda allowing other issues to be placed into the “parking lot” for further calls. Between calls, we will prioritize these items and put out a draft agenda for comments.

Ø  We have ongoing workgroups around issues of interest and welcome participation.

Ø  Coming soon, we will working with the website for any other communications in between our monthly calls and we will be sharing information by email.

Our monthly conference call is toll free and held the first Friday of every month at 1 PM. Please call into  1 866 683-3261 

Helene Fallon     

Max Donatelli

Co-facilitators, NYS CoP on Family, Community and School Collaboration

Supported through IDEA Partnership, NASDSE

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