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National Community of Practice on Universal Design for Learning (UDL)



A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a passion for a topic and work together in an ongoing way to exchange knowledge and improve their practice.

Join the National UDL Connect Conversation! Developed by the National Center on Universal Design for Learning, UDL Connect is a community where individuals or groups can connect with others interested in UDL.

Here’s what you can do on UDL Connect:

  • Discuss topics related to UDL and other relevant issues in education.
  • Read blog posts written by other community members or start your own blog!
  • Post videos or photos of UDL in action.
  • Join the IDEA Partnership-UDL Connect group or start your own group!


We also invite you to explore the most recent meeting of the IDEA Partnership--held January, 2011 in Alexandria, VA--where we shared 4 requested presentations around UDL and collected these resources in a collaborative digital workspace,
If you would like to be an "active" participant in this digital workspace, please contact the IDEA Partnership directly to obtain login access.

Information on definitions of UDL, principles, guidelines and an array of national resources can be found at the National Center on Universal Design for Learning. To better understand UDL, visit the "Universal design and universal design for learning" video at the following link: 

This UDL site will serve as a central repository for sharing resources, best practices, and success stories. Like any CoP, the value of this site will depend on your contributions.

Here are some ways you can participate in this community:

  • Offer your knowledge and resources to help this community grow. Post a New Announcement to keep others informed of changes in the field.

  • Add your resources in the identified folders in the 'View files by folder' section.

  • Share your experiences with UDL to enrich the work of others - Join in the discussions under the 'View Discussions' area.

  • Post your success stories in the 'UDL Success Stories' folder.

Ongoing conversations are posted through a variety of growing communities discussing the value and importance of UDL in Community at the National Center on UDL. New information related to the IDEA Partnership's growing UDL collection can also be found at UDL Dialogue Guides.


Patti Ralabate, Co-facilitator

Fran Smith, Co-facilitator

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* Sign up for the UDL FOCUS newsletter!
Posted on Sunday 9th January 2011, 3:56pm by Patti Ralabate
In December 2010, the National UDL Center launched the inaugural issue of UDL FOCUS - a national e-newsletter to keep you informed of UDL policy, research, resources and new practice ideas. You can sign up to receive your own personal monthly copy on the front page of the National UDL Center site (
* A New Opportunity to Share Your Perspectives on UDL
Posted on Tuesday 31st August 2010, 8:32am by Fran Smith
Take a close look at this and consider posting your story, your message, your media!
* Note the a new folder and a recent release on UDL and Assessment
Posted on Friday 16th July 2010, 10:13am by Fran Smith
Please find a file on CAST's statement regarding UDL and assessments in the Folder, Emerging News..

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