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Project Forum: Virtual K-12 Special Education and Related Services


This group has been set up as a virtual forum for participants in the Project Forum policy forum on Virtual K-12 services for students with disabilities. It will be moderated and private for this invited group until the end of February 2010 when it will be opened up for anyone interested in this topic.

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* Welcome to the Virtual K-12 Special Education adn Related Services Forum
Posted on Tuesday 19th January 2010, 5:13pm by paula burdette

Dear Forum Participants,
I want to introduce Project Forum and our staff to you. You can find out more about us and see our pictures at
I'm Paula Burdette, the Project Forum director.
Eve Muller is currently a contractor with Forum, but has been a senior policy analyst with us in the recent past. Donna Reynolds is our administrative assistant. Together the three of us will be working with you to produce great outcomes for this forum.
Through our SharedWork activities, we hope to identify/define the challenges to serving students with disabilities in a virtual format.
Our first activity will be to watch a short screen cast about "What is Project Forum" and what to expect from the Forum. Please view this 7 minute presentation at
We're looking forward to working with you!
Open Forum for Virtual K-12 Special Education and Related Services discussions
Posted on Wednesday 24th March 2010, 3:14pm by paula burdette
Hello Group Members and Welcome New Members:
This group is now open to the public. I hope that conversations will continue to be informative.
Thanks go out to all of those who were able to participate in the earlier discussion about issues with virtual K-12 special education and related services. That group met in February to discuss recommendations to address these challenges. The document will be on the website at in the coming months.If you have not already, please take a moment to sign up to receive our documents . I presented some of the forum's findings to iNACOL's TeacherTalk and have attached the PPt as a file. As soon as the entire webinar (with two other presenters) is available in iNACOL's archives, I will direct you there.
Should teachers be tested for tech knowledge before hiring?
Posted on Saturday 27th February 2010, 3:48pm by paula burdette
This was sent to me by Judie Schoonover, our forum's occupational therapy representative. I think you will find it interesting.

L&L's popular Point/Counterpoint section is looking for 500-word arguments on both sides of the question "Should schools test teachers for tech proficiency before hiring them?" to publish in the May issue of L&L.

The U.S. No Child Left Behind Act requires teachers to prove they are "highly qualified" in each of the subjects they teach. Other state, federal, and international mandates require teachers to show proficiency or certification in various areas that they teach. To accomplish this, the public education system has absorbed much of the cost of professional development to bring teachers up to speed. Given that 21st-century skills are vital if our students are to be successful in a global economy, should schools require teachers to demonstrate proficiency in technology before they are hired, so schools don't have to bear all the cost?

Please tell us what you think! Point/Counterpoint essays are relatively informal. For an example of what we're looking for, check out the February Point/Counterpoint. Remember, we need one essay of approximately 500 words on each side of this issue, so consider either defending your argument passionately or playing the devil's advocate, rather than arguing down the middle.

If you don't have time to write an entire essay on this subject but still would like to weigh in, feel free to post a 25- to 50-word response on some aspect of this issue, and we may choose an excerpt to publish on the Readers Respond page of our May issue. Please include your name, job title, and city/state/country.

To enter, post your essay on the discussion forum titled Point/Counterpoint/Readers Respond: Should schools test teachers for tech proficiency before hiring them? on L&L's group page on the ISTE Community Ning by March 11. Please include some form of contact information if you do not regularly check your ISTE Community Ning message box.

If you're not already a member of the ISTE Community Ning (, you will be prompted to register. Don't worry -- it's fast, easy, and free. Then go to the Groups page and click on the L&L logo to join our group. As a bonus, you can read our regular content, including updates on the magazine and discussion forums about hot ed tech issues.

If your Point/Counterpoint essay is selected, we'll contact you for a high-resolution photo and a short (35-word) bio in addition to your 500-word essay. Thanks in advance for a stimulating discussion!

Best regards,
Andra Brichacek
Associate Editor
Learning & Leading with Technology Magazine (L&L)
International Society for Technology in Education

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